My name is Mandy and I am from Southern Pennsylvania, USA. Professional photography, traveling, and exploring our National Parks have been my passion for over a decade. I love to bring people to these parks through my photography. This project is dedicated to my late father, Ray Michels (Dec 21 1959 - May 29 2015)

My project is to make individual short films of each National Park/Forest/Lakeshore/Seashore/Wildlife Refuge/Monument that I visit. I will also be photographing, writing, and documenting. This project is indefinite and will require a lot of time to complete. I will then be compiling all of my footage into one full-length feature film. 

These films with be focused on being visually stunning, educational, and alive.  I will be portraying the importance of our National Parks, Forests, Lakeshores, Monuments, Seashores and other public lands in my films, while making them relaxing and hoping to bring the feeling of actually being there. My videos will include anything from hiking, camping, wildlife, people of the parks, must-see locations, and more! I will also focus on the characteristics and diversity of each park, and use those things to shoot/edit each film. 

Another goal from this project is to create a National Park book, according to my experiences. I will be writing, using my own photographs, and including behind-the-scenes content. This book will include photographs that were taken all the way back from 2009, in between then and now, and from future trips. It will be available in E-book and hard copy. 

Though my initial Indiegogo campaign has ended, you can still contribute to this project via PayPal (Contribute Button at the bottom of this page)

All contributors will have credit in the final film and the book. Depending on your contribution, you will also get a small perk in the mail, so please include you shipping address if you'd like!
My dad, ray
Me on the Summit of Tennent mountain, pisgah national forest, NC
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